Shift Architecture + Urbanism Transforms a 1930s Dutch Villa Into a Light-Filled Modern Dental Clinic

Rotterdam-based design firm Shift Architecture + Urbanism has transformed an existing historic 1930s villa into a modern dental practice that forges a strong connection with nature. Located in the town of Best in the Netherlands, this renovation and extension of the existing villa provides a contemporary architectural twist to the archetypal housing form.

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The existing building was a traditional Dutch home with a brick exterior and slate roof. Shift Architecture + Urbanism‘s renovation honored the history of the existing home and added a new volume contrasts with the materiality of the existing building. With its standing-seam zinc cladding, the new volume stands out in an iconic way.

Though the exterior of the stylish new dental clinic seems a bit industrial, the interior is clean and full of light. Orange built-in cabinetry also brightens the office environment in a humorous way. The architect installed “a large ‘flower window’, that also serves as a bench” to connect the interior to nature and create a sense of serenity. This window also frames the activity of the patient in the dentist’s chair from the outside.

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 Date / Fecha: 19/02/13

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