What Does Luxury Mean for Eco-Tourists?

Luxury Ecotourism Luxury Ecotourism Luxury Ecotourism

Some may consider «luxury ecotourism» an oxymoron. However, many businesses and destinations that focus on ecotourism have incorporated the ideas and images of «luxury» into the tours they offer, targeting those travelers seeking socially and environmentally responsible vacations, who also look for authentic, comfortable, customized, private, unique (…and many other ways «luxury» might be interpreted by eco-tourists) experiences. Sigue leyendo

Ecuador demuestra porque es el mejor destino para ecotursimo sostenible


El Jardín Botánico de Quito, localizado en el corazón del parque La Carolina al norte de Quito fue el escenario del taller ‘Ecuador destino anfitrión de la Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference 2014′, en el que nuestro país busca demostrar porque debe ser elegido como sede de la conferencia. Sigue leyendo

Arend Groenewegen Turns Thatched Flemish Barn Into a Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Office

Dutch Architect Arend Groenewegen has transformed a beautiful old Flemish-style barn that used to store hay and rural machinery into a modern wooden office. Built in the 1800s at the outskirts of Bolberg, The Netherlands, this traditional shelter features slatted walls that allow natural light to filter in and it’s topped by a biodegradable roof made from local dried plants. Sigue leyendo

Travel Oregon gives money for sustainable tourism

Portland-based Friends of the Columbia Gorge is charging Skamania County with “failing to protect its critical areas and resource lands in violation of state law.”
 Oregon’s most ardent tourism booster is giving money to state communities working on sustainability related opportunities.

Travel Oregon gave more than $14,000 to a total of seven projects in each of the state’s “tourism regions.” The group’s money will go toward the new Mosier Plateau Trail, the Sustainable Seafood Initiative and the Living Highways project, among other causes. Sigue leyendo

Gana una estancia de turismo rural ecológico por tus hábitos de vida sostenible con SURE

hotel rural_concursoSUREPara premiar la fidelidad de sus usuarios, desde la plataforma SURE han preparado un gran regalo que seguro no dejará indiferente a nadie. Gracias a la colaboración y el patrocinio de Turinea y Ceres Ecotur, en SURE sortean entre sus usuarios  una estancia para dos personas en una habitación doble en régimen AD (Alojamiento y Desayuno) para un fin de semana (previa consulta de disponibilidad) en el hotel bioclimático y sostenible Sabinares de Arlanza de Burgos, miembro de la red Ceres Ecotur de turismo rural ecológico en España. Sigue leyendo

Ecotourism: The Pros and Cons

Ecotourism is a booming sub-sect of the tourism industry.

Who wants to go to Theme Parks? Do people still do that? Do people really want to have a controlled travel experience, complete with resort package deals and a vast array of corporate eatery choices? Do people want to interact with people dressed up like cartoon characters and eat at buffets instead of traveling to real places to experience unfamiliar cultures and participate in unique local customs? It seems as though people are more inclined these days to experience the natural world and favor real communities over man made travel destinations. There are many alternatives travel-wise to theme parks and other so called “tourist traps.” People are changing. Our tastes are changing. We crave authenticity where we once collectively sought out planned vacations that were highlighted by family fun and time shared condos. The world is getting smaller, figuratively, and it is easier than ever to travel to destinations that were once only accessible through the pages of “National Geographic.” Sigue leyendo

¿Qué es el ecoturismo?

El Ecoturismo es:

  • Una práctica de personas conscientes y bien educadas, concienciadas con la ecología y el desarrollo sostenible, que busca profundizar en sus conocimientos y experiencias sobre temas de medio ambiente.
  • Una práctica menos explotadora y agresiva de la cultura y el medio ambiente locales que las formas tradicionales de turismo.
  • Una forma de minimizar su propio impacto ambiental.
  • Una forma que defiende la conservación ambiental.
  • Una forma que patrocina proyectos que promuevan igualdad en las comunidades locales.
  • Un aumento del conocimiento cultural y ambiental y el entendimiento intercultural.
  • Una acción que sea económicamente viable y abierta a todo.

1x1.trans ¿Qué es el ecoturismo? Sigue leyendo

Minimalist Carling Residence in Pristine Canadian Landscape Requires Zero Air Conditioning

TACT Architecture designed this striking minimalist home in the spectacular Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. Located on a wooded 26 acre lot near Georgian Bay, the Carling Residence is nestled between two rocky ridges and shaded by a bevy of existing trees. Incorporating natural resources to reinforce thoughtful, passive design strategies, TACT was able to eliminate the need for air-conditioning altogether. Sigue leyendo

Punta Cana Resort & Club recibe el prestigioso premio Adrián Award


Más de 900 profesionales de la industria y de agencias se reunieron en el New York Marriott Marquis la noche del lunes en la celebración Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) 56a edición de los Premios Adrian Awards. El enfoque de la noche fue para honrar a quienes han creado la publicidad excepcional, marketing digital y campañas de relaciones públicas en las industrias de la hospitalidad, los viajes y el turismo. Sigue leyendo

Ziyarates Fez: a Step towards Sustainable Tourism

Riad Ghita, Fez

In the heart of the medina of Fez—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—a new project to attract tourists began in 2008. The project involved 26 families in the tourism sector. The families involved are owners of houses with traditional architecture and decorations. Many of these people have little to no income.

The tourism project is part of the National Initiative of Human Development, a committee which specializes in tourism. The group visited the traditional houses and decided which ones should be chosen to be part of the project and which homes would be excluded. Their selections were based on the extent to which the houses are traditional, on the geographical situation and also on the reputation of families themselves–as they are meant to represent the Moroccan culture and the customs of the millenary city of Fez. Sigue leyendo

La Junta apuesta por el turismo que ofrezca experiencias diferenciadas

castillalamancha, Paloma Gutiérrez, ha asegurado hoy que a los turistas que visitan los Parques Nacionales y espacios protegidos de Castilla-La Mancha hay que ofrecerle experiencias diferenciadas, además de recursos naturales.

Gutiérrez, que ha participado hoy en la inauguración de las I Jornadas sobre Turismo Sostenible en Espacios Naturales protegidos que se celebran en Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real), ha señalado que aunque “los espacios naturales de Castilla-La Mancha constituyen una verdadera sorpresa para el visitante” hay que comenzar a comercializar “experiencias diferenciadas”. Sigue leyendo