Ziyarates Fez: a Step towards Sustainable Tourism

Riad Ghita, Fez

In the heart of the medina of Fez—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—a new project to attract tourists began in 2008. The project involved 26 families in the tourism sector. The families involved are owners of houses with traditional architecture and decorations. Many of these people have little to no income.

The tourism project is part of the National Initiative of Human Development, a committee which specializes in tourism. The group visited the traditional houses and decided which ones should be chosen to be part of the project and which homes would be excluded. Their selections were based on the extent to which the houses are traditional, on the geographical situation and also on the reputation of families themselves–as they are meant to represent the Moroccan culture and the customs of the millenary city of Fez. Sigue leyendo

La Junta apuesta por el turismo que ofrezca experiencias diferenciadas

castillalamancha, Paloma Gutiérrez, ha asegurado hoy que a los turistas que visitan los Parques Nacionales y espacios protegidos de Castilla-La Mancha hay que ofrecerle experiencias diferenciadas, además de recursos naturales.

Gutiérrez, que ha participado hoy en la inauguración de las I Jornadas sobre Turismo Sostenible en Espacios Naturales protegidos que se celebran en Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real), ha señalado que aunque “los espacios naturales de Castilla-La Mancha constituyen una verdadera sorpresa para el visitante” hay que comenzar a comercializar “experiencias diferenciadas”. Sigue leyendo


Bhaya Cruise3

Bhaya Cruises supports the latest decision of Quang Ninh Authority on developing sustainable tourism.

Local authorities will ban the handling of cargo in bulk in the area, and treat wastewater and sewage discharged into the bay by 2013. They will also minimize the encroachment to the sea, closely monitor industrial production establishments and urban projects, and raise the public’s awareness of environmental protection. Sigue leyendo