Ecotourism: The Pros and Cons

Ecotourism is a booming sub-sect of the tourism industry.

Who wants to go to Theme Parks? Do people still do that? Do people really want to have a controlled travel experience, complete with resort package deals and a vast array of corporate eatery choices? Do people want to interact with people dressed up like cartoon characters and eat at buffets instead of traveling to real places to experience unfamiliar cultures and participate in unique local customs? It seems as though people are more inclined these days to experience the natural world and favor real communities over man made travel destinations. There are many alternatives travel-wise to theme parks and other so called “tourist traps.” People are changing. Our tastes are changing. We crave authenticity where we once collectively sought out planned vacations that were highlighted by family fun and time shared condos. The world is getting smaller, figuratively, and it is easier than ever to travel to destinations that were once only accessible through the pages of “National Geographic.” Sigue leyendo