Sustainable tourism here to stay

Ms Nicholson-Doty

Port of Spain, Trinidad – Responsible travel is no longer a cliché. 

That’s the view of Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister for Tourism, Stephen Cadiz. 

Speaking to the 14th Sustainable Tourism Conference, Mr. Cadiz said that it was in everyone’s interest to take care of the Caribbean, which represented one of the world’s oldest tourism industries. 

Profitability was the keyword of the industry, he noted, while warning that it was a fragile one and had ripple effects on other industries. As well as that, there was intense competition and service challenges.  

However, there were also great opportunities and the conference was about trying to identify joint solutions. The Caribbean’s first priority must be to secure its status as the premier worldwide warm-weather destination, but internal competition was secondary to getting people to the region in the first place.  Sigue leyendo

Ecoturismo en el Apanás


Clima fresco todo el año, aire puro, belleza escénica, aves multicolores, árboles centenarios llenos de musgo donde anidan más de 250 especies de aves, bañado alrededor por el lago Apanás, cabañas construidas con piedras pedernales traídas del Río Coco, lanchas para los tours alrededor del lago, caballos para las cabalgatas y un suculento plato de pescado frito criollo, extraído del mismo lago, con legumbres cosechadas en la zona. Eso es en síntesis el centro recreativo El Chilamate, ubicado a 23 kilómetros de la ciudad de Jinotega, en la comunidad Sisle número 2. Sigue leyendo

This Charming West Village Townhouse Boasts a Backyard Treehouse Above Its Garden

New York apartments come with all kinds of amenities, but it’s not every day that you see one with its own treehouse! Nestled in the city’s West Village, this lovely townhouse recently became available on the market and offers the perfect melding of city living with an escape to nature right in the back yard. Buyers attracted to the charm of this local jewel should expect to pay a pretty penny for a home with a bit of green real estate attached. The listing price for this treasure we discovered via Curbed NY is a whopping $5,995,000, but click through the gallery to take your own (free) tour. Sigue leyendo