Park Royal Tower: WOHA’s Stunning Vertical Garden Tower Opens in Singapore

The initial renderings of WOHA Architects’ Park Royal Hotel in Singapore showed a building almost completely overrun with gardens, water features and green pathways – and now we’re excited to say that the project is complete! The lush urban oasis features cascading planter terraces and waterfalls, creating an almost otherworldly botanical microcosm in the midst of busy Singapore.
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The Park Royal on Pickering occupies a long and narrow plot in the west part of city’s central business district and connects the historic shophouse district with the Singapore River and park. The 12-story high tower features massive curvaceous, solar-powered sky-gardens that appear to be an extension of the adjacent city park. Among its many energy efficient aspects, the building features the use of automatic light, rain and motion sensors, rainwater harvesting and recycling mechanisms.

The interior spaces are bathed in natural light and provide an intimate atmosphere through use of natural materials such as light and dark wood, pebbles and water. Wellness space is located on the fifth floor which has a large pool which overlooks the city and a 300-meter long garden strip. The top floor houses the Orchid Club Lounge which offers a 360-degree view of the city and functions as a multipurpose venue.

The building-as-garden concept was responds perfectly to the intricacies of the city- it is a botanical wonder comprised of intertwining natural and technological systems. Thanks to its innovative and sustainable design, Park Royal on Pickering has been awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum-the highest rating for green buildings in Singapore, and the Solar Pioneer Award as one the first buildings in the hospitality sector to use harvest solar energy.

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