Indonesian Architects Work to Preserve Traditional Mbaru Niang Cone-Shaped Eco Huts

Mbaru Niang, the traditional cone-shaped eco huts in the remote Flores Island region of Indonesia, make up one of the most important cultural heritage sites in the world, and they’re finally getting their due. Last year, the huts were given an award of excellence in the 2012 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. Now, we’re excited to learn that the preservation effort has been named a finalist for the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Sigue leyendo

Una hacienda en Cuenca lo invita a desconectarse

Una hacienda en Cuenca lo invita a desconectarse

Cada espacio en Uzhupud está diseñado para que los visitantes se conecten con lo natural.

Los turistas se acercan a la cultura agropecuaria en una finca ecuatoriana del siglo XIX.

‘Uzhupud’ significa pampa de ají, en quichua y cañari, dos lenguas indígenas. Este es el nombre de una hacienda turística de 10 hectáreas, ubicada en el cantón Paute (provincia del Azuay), en Cuenca. Sigue leyendo

Ecotourism in Southwest China: Locals take charge

Along with the thriving economy, tourism industry in China has a significant growth in recent years. This fast expanding industry does not always bring benefits to local people. Writes You Li

Earlier this month, a tourist entry fee was introduced to a well-known destination, Fenghuang Old Town. This policy leads to a strike by the local businesses, as they are concerned about the dramatic loss of tourist and high rent fees charged by administrative authorities. Local business man said they had never been informed before the policy was made. But their strike failed in changing the result. This case is not scanty among China’s rural tourist destinations, where local people cannot take a stake in local tourism development. Sigue leyendo