Christopher Polly Carves Vaulted Ceilings and Light Wells into Sydney’s Cosgriff House

Christopher Polly Architect transformed Sydney’s tiny Cosgriff House into a gorgeous, modern, light-filled home. The Australian designer added a room underneath and behind the existing structure and left much of the original masonry intact. In so doing he expanded the footprint by a meager 20 square meters but doubled the floor area. He then carved vaulted ceilings and light wells into the roof to illuminate the space naturally, and it looks like a whole new house.

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Expanding the Cosgriff House in Annandale without undue environmental impact was a driving force behind this green renovation, which is why Christopher Polly Architect did everything possible to “embed changes within the existing footprint.” The new ground floor boasts a bathroom, bedroom and study and a large open plan living area reached by a staircase that doubles as a storage unit bursts into the garden.

In order to optimize interior comfort and expand views of the sky and trees, the design team carved light wells and vaulted ceilings into the original roof. Large glazed windows are carefully arranged to bring even more daylighting inside, and louvered shutters allow the residents to control solar gain and privacy. Ceiling fans and an exhaust system circulate cool air and evacuate trapped heat making this delightful home comfortable even during the hottest summers.

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