Talking Sustainable Tourism With Jacques Cousteau’s Granddaughter

2013-05-16-celineinamazon.jpgCéline Cousteau, a one-woman production team, on her way to help Amazon Promise deliver free medical care in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo credit:

For Céline Cousteau, adventure is in her blood. She is, after all, a third generation explorer.

«My first dive was in Antarctica,» she said. «I dove by an iceberg, and I got to interact with the animals.» Sigue leyendo

El turismo sostenible en China

Jiuzhai ecoturismo

Debido a las bondades y la increíble belleza que podemos vivir en China, el turismo creciente cada año lleva a plantearse otros sistemas que permitan un ecoturismo más equilibrado, evitando así que se dañen los espacios naturales y puedan perdurar durante mucho más tiempo. Sigue leyendo

Exploring Chaguaramas

A tour guide (left) plays music on the stalagmite formation with a visitor at the Gasparee Caves in Gaspar Grand, Trinidad.

WESTERN BUREAU:Trinidadians take pride in the fact that their seaside properties are owned by locals and not foreigners. They make no apologies. Instead, they understand that keeping their biodiversity intact guarantees future sustainable tourism development.

And when the ‘Trinis’ talk about sustainable tourism development, don’t expect to find a laid-back paradise of piña coladas and poolsides. «Trinidad challenges the status quo; breaks the mould,» say the people who live there. Sigue leyendo