Disaster Risk Management

Motivating tourism to protect destinations: the gap between extreme weather threats and preparedness

Despite scientific warnings that climate change will impact tourism, the private sector in many cases still appears unprepared for an increase in extreme weather events, the consequences of which will impact on tourism’s productivity and community resilience. Our contributing writer for this special feature is Christopher Warren, Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism – Australia, who provides insights into the barriers and challenges to Risk Management and Preparedness, and recommends motivation strategies to incentivise action.DISASTER 1 Sigue leyendo

Parque Natural del Delta del Ebro, destino de ecoturismo

delta del ebro

Hay comarcas que han sabido mantener sus tradiciones o han trabajado para recuperarlas del olvido. Este es uno de esos casos. La gente de las Terres de l’Ebre saben el valor único de su entorno, y lo muestran con la perfecta combinación de amor por la tierra, respeto por la historia, empeño por transmitir su herencia cultural y hospitalidad. Sigue leyendo

Incredible India! Cuppa at Rs 1,200 is Chiru’s idea of sustainable tourism

Sobre el gasoducto: no hay nada natural acerca del gas natural (*) con addendum sobre 'fracking'Ever had a cup of tea for Rs 1,200 and lunch at Rs 3,500 per head? Sounds outrageous? Now, simply multiply the cost of one tea by 200 cups, and lunch by 150 people, and you will land up with a whopping bill of Rs 2.4 lakh and Rs 5.25 lakh respectively. That is exactly how much the Ministry of Tourism, under Union Minister of State Chiranjeevi, paid for its guests for just a day during the recently held United Nations World Tourism Organisation conference on Sustainable Tourism Development. And if you’re wondering how much the entire expense of the conference was — it was a staggering Rs 2.14 crore for three days. This was revealed by an RTI enquiry filed by city-based activist Sai Prasad. Sigue leyendo