‘Outbound tourism benefits the economy’, former culture secretary tells ITT

'Outbound tourism benefits the economy', former culture secretary tells ITT

Politicians should «better understand» outbound tourism and its contribution to the economy, according to the former minister responsible for the London Olympics.

Tessa Jowell told the Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT) conference in Abu Dhabi: «Ministers are always happy to be photographed on holiday in Cornwall. But we don’t hear about their subsequent holiday in Spain. Sigue leyendo

Una alternativa sostenible para lograr una Economía del Bien Común


La necesidad de un cambio para maximizar el bien común y buscar la colaboración entre todos los actores de nuestra sociedad fueron los ejes claves de las jornadas celebradas en Málaga el pasado fin de semana sobre Economía del Bien Común (EBC). Se trata de un modelo económico propuesto por el ideólogo y conferenciante internacional Christian Felber que, en plena decadencia del sistema actual,  lo define como una palanca de cambio a nivel no sólo económico, sino también político ysocialUna alternativa sostenible que aspira a generar bien común como motor de riqueza nacional. Un modelo en el que el dinero y los mercados vuelvan a servir a las personas y no al revés. Sigue leyendo

Sustainable Tourism In Latin America

cuba 159Tourism in Latin America was the focus of a seminar held today, hosted by Branding Latin America at The Savoy Hotel in London. Travel companies, airlines, embassies and the media attended the annual event that aims to update the industry on developments in tourism throughout Latin America. 

As experts in sustainable tourism, we were invited along to contribute to the event. Mercedes Tallo, our director of sustainable value chains delivered a well-received presentation on how tour operators can support sustainability…  

Tourism, one of the world’s largest industries, employs more than 235 million people worldwide and generates some 9.2 percent of the global GDP. However, its impacts, including pollution, deforestation, inefficient energy use and cultural exploitation have led some to suggest that individuals should stop travelling altogether, but we don’t believe that’s a sustainable solution. Sigue leyendo