MGM Resorts International joins Ecodesk Sustainability Innovators Program


LAS VEGAS – MGM Resorts International launches a new supplier initiative in partnership with Ecodesk, a global sustainability data platform, that builds upon its industry leading commitment to environmental responsibility.

MGM Resorts is joining a select group of the world’s most innovative organizations in an effort to bring supplier and customer sustainability information together through Ecodesk. The program seeks to create a better understanding of how energy use, carbon emissions and waste impact performance. This platform will allow customers and suppliers to evaluate possible opportunities for innovation, while offering the convenience of a centralized database available for suppliers and their customers.

«Incorporating environmentally responsible practices through all areas of our operations is a must-do to grow our business responsibly,» said MGM Resorts Chief Sustainability Officer Cindy Ortega«With a sustainable supply chain being one of our core focus areas, the Ecodesk Innovator’s Program was a natural next step in helping to advance sustainability into our supply chain.»

As part of the company’s comprehensive sustainability program, MGM Resorts is dedicated to achieving results in using resources more efficiently, reducing construction impacts, minimizing waste and increasing awareness.

«Understanding the impact of energy usage and carbon emissions is fundamental to creating a lean and efficient supply base. With it, a company can build a dynamic model to maximize its profitability,» said Robert Clarke, CEO, Ecodesk. «MGM Resorts has been an innovator here, as it has not just understood the implications of energy management in the supply chain, it has acted upon it. By measuring and managing energy, businesses can play a vital role in environmental stewardship and also business development.» – See more at:


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Author / Autor: Vicky Karantzavelou

 Date / Fecha: 07/06/13

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