Sustainable Tourism: The Future of Travel

Sustainable Tourism - Petit St Vincent

The vibrant shades of green radiating from the palm fronds, the grass waving on the trade winds, and (in frequency) from the truly eco-friendly resorts that are leading the way towards sustainable tourism. But what classifies a resort as truly eco-friendly? We’re all aware of the trend and the buzzwords and yes, the ‘green-washing’ that is unfortunately all too often a part of a well-designed public relations campaign to posture as championing the environment while in reality carrying out cost-saving practices that result in just the opposite effect. Let’s further examine the idea of sustainable tourism, so we can all be better informed about the impact we make on vacation – and vote more responsibly with our dollars. Sigue leyendo

El Táchira tiene un vasto potencial para el ecoturismo

Atendiendo las iniciativas del gobernador del Táchira, José Gregorio Vielma Mora, la Corporación Tachirense de Turismo, COTATUR, en su afán por promover los destinos turísticos de la región, acompañó a un nutrido grupo de ciclistas de Mountain Bike (MTB) que participaron este domingo en el ciclo paseo “La Espuma”, organizado por Rutas Táchira Bike y Royal Bikes. Sigue leyendo