Luxury Travel Company, Absolute Travel, Demonstrates Sustainable Tourism with New Philanthropic Arm, Absolute Awareness

Absolute Travel, «The world’s top luxury travel specialists, creating your ideal journey,» has launched a philanthropic arm, Absolute Awareness, as part of their sustainable tourism efforts. This is their first platform to highlight the philanthropic projects they have been involved with for years.


Absolute Travel
We are on the front lines of experiential travel and recognize the responsibility tourism has in protecting the destinations we love around the world.




The award-winning luxury travel company has selected organizations for Absolute Awareness with the intention to boost exposure for their honorable work, while also creating enriching substantive travel experiences for their clients that allow them to deepen their connection to a destination and its people.

“We are on the front lines of experiential travel and recognize the responsibility tourism has in protecting the destinations we love around the world,» said Absolute Travel president and founder Ken Fish. “Absolute Awareness enables us to connect our clients with powerful experiences—on the ground—when they are the most relevant. That not only enriches our clients’ journeys, but also protects the places and people we care about most effectively.”

The organizations selected for Absolute Awareness include: American Jewish World Service, Basik 855, Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, Conservation Through Public Health, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Philanthropy Indaba, Ubuntu Education Fund and Wildlife Alliance.

“Absolute Travel is rooted in our staff’s passion for exploring the world. Absolute Awareness is about putting that passion to work to better that world,” said Absolute Travel general manager, Leslie Overton.

In addition to Absolute Awareness, a new section of their website, Philanthropic Experiences, highlights ways travelers can weave the organizations’ missions into their trips—customized to their interests and schedule. Travelers have the option of including short-term philanthropic experiences into more traditional trips (think ½ day excursions) as well as more immersive volunteer vacations that can last more than two weeks. Examples include half-day gorilla treks alongside distinguished conservation experts in Uganda and 7-day trips alongside leaders of the global justice movement in Cambodia.

About Absolute Travel:
Absolute Travel is an award-winning luxury travel company that creates private luxury journeys in Asia, Africa, South Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and India & the Himalayas. Absolute Travel’s team of luxury travel specialists’ in-depth knowledge, insider access, unsurpassed service, on-the-ground spontaneity, and passion for sharing the best of what the world has to offer result in once-in-a-lifetime journeys that have inspired travelers for decades.

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