Terra Paradise Honored with Business Excellence Award

May 19 2013 award 2

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort has been awarded the Gold Business Excellence award 2013 (“Empresa Oro de Excelencia 2013”) in Costa Rica for being an example to the country’s young future leaders.

The owners and management team of Terra Paradise accepted the esteemed award at a ceremony in San Jose, Costa Rica, on May 19, 2013, that honored 100 academically outstanding schoolchildren and other business sponsors who participated in the national cultural program “Reading is Living.” 

“Costa Rica grows with the example of companies and entrepreneurs and visionary people like you,” the respected business award reads.

Along with Terra Paradise, La Republica newspaper, Yamaha, Sol Naciente, Eulen Group, Censolsa, Distributor Lamugue, and Quálitas businesses in Costa Rica were honored.

The national cultural program, “Reading is Living,” began in Costa Rica in 1994 to assist children and their parents to promote national culture, moral values and peace, and to increase reading. The program develops educational, scientific and cultural acumen for high academic achievement in youth, thereby fostering the culture of thinking through the habit of good reading within the home and schools.

The program foundation operates throughout Central America, with a strong mission to recognize the efforts of students and also inspire them with the testimony of renowned entrepreneurs. The foundation additionally helps distribute educational books to schoolchildren.

At the awards ceremony, distinguished business owners had the opportunity to speak directly to the group of honored children.

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort owners, Teresa and Othon Bueno, looked to inspire the children in creating their future. “The secret to success … the sooner you discover what inspires you, what your vision is, the sooner you can tap into an endless energy supply that comes along with that vision. That something is called passion. Your vision not only makes your work engaging and enjoyable; your vision, your gift to the world, is what will keep you going when you are challenged,” said Othon Bueno.

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort is a 750-acre planned nature preserve, adventure park and eco-resort near Quepos and Manuel Antonio, in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coastal region. The business has been working closely with its local Parrita Municipality to improve education at the region’s schools. In Costa Rica, elementary school education is free; however, books are not provided and are very expensive. Many parents, especially in poor rural regions such as Parrita where Terra Paradise is located, cannot afford to buy books for their children.

For two years, in 2012 and 2013, Terra Paradise has partnered with the national program “Books for All” (“Libros Para Todos”) run by the national newspaper La Nacion, which provides textbooks at cost. Donations gathered by Terra Paradise have enabled them to supply textbooks each year to 200 students at four elementary schools in rural Parrita County.

Terra Paradise’s Parrita School Project is ongoing. More information on how to be involved can be found at: http://www.terraparadise.com/News-Activities/parrita-school-project.html

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