Multi-Destination Tourism to be discussed at sustainable tourism meeting

Multi-Destination Tourism to be discussed at sustainable tourism meeting

The issue of Multi-Destination Tourism (MDT) is one of regional importance that will be addressed at the upcoming 24th Meeting of the Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

For over five years, the ACS, through its Directorate of Sustainable Tourism, has been engaged in the development of a Multi-Destination Tourism Program which seeks to facilitate dialogue and cooperation among the regional stakeholders in the tourism and transport sectors. The objective is to preserve the “Caribbean” destination market share in extra-regional markets and increase intra-regional tourist flows. Sigue leyendo

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Qatar Tourism Authority engages UNWTO consultants in its drive towards sustainable tourism


Aligned with Qatar’s new tourism strategy, Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) signed a 17-month agreement with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to develop the policies, regulations and strategies needed to take Qatar’s booming tourism into the future.

The agreement will see UNWTO update and create benchmarked processes within QTA. Based on international benchmark standards, the UNWTO and QTA shall develop a consistent and locally relevant monitoring and quality control system across the wide range of tourism activities described under Law 6 of 2012, described as the «Tourism Law.»  Sigue leyendo