Tourism key to diversity, sustainability says PS

For tourism to develop regionally he said the air and water routes must be connected. “We can not develop tourism if there is no connectivity in the region. Connectivity by air and maritime routes also develops the economy. Right now the global monopolies control the lines of connectivity in the region and it is not easy to move from one country to a next,” he said. Juliana Boodram, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism who also spoke at the opening ceremony, said tourism can help diversify the region’s economies.

“Tourism is important for economic diversification. Tourism can be used as a tool for poverty alleviation which is an important goal in all countries. It is also a means of achieving balanced and sustainable growth,” she said. She said regional countries must take note of how other countries are focusing on tourism in their economies.

“As we promote long-term growth for sustainability, we recall that last year the world reached that landmark of one billion visitors. All over the world tourism is growing. We see are seeing from US President Obama to Middle Eastern leaders to all over the world that nations are coming to terms with the benefit of tourism and every single country is pushing and growing tourism,” she said. She also called for countries to share their experiences.

“In this hemisphere we have probablly seen one of the greater increases world wide. There are countries like Costa Rica, Cuba and others. These countries have much to teach us in terms of visitor arrivals. Although we see economic downturns globally, tourism has continued to grow in some areas,” she said.


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Date / Fecha: 10/07/13

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