Greentique Hotels Proudly Announces the 23rd Annual International Music Festival of Costa Rica

Si Como No Resort, Spa & Nature Reserve is the flagship of the recognized Greentique Hotels brand of sustainable hospitality. They , along with Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel, are excited to announce the 23rd Annual International Music Festival that will feature some of the biggest names in classical entertainment.

Greentique Hotels of Costa Rica

The 23rd International Music Festival of Costa Rica is hosted by Greentique Hotels (GTQH). Jim Damalas, GTQH General Manager said, «It is an honor to welcome this astounding group of classical musicians to Costa Rica.»

«It is so impressive to see these talented musicians make such an effort to bring their music to small places like Costa Rica after gracing the stages of venues like the Harris Theater in Chicago and Lincoln Center in New York City,» the Greentique hotelier added. Sigue leyendo

Costa Rica: Turismo residencial contribuye con desplazamiento y exclusión social en Guanacaste

Costa Rica: Turismo residencial contribuye con desplazamiento y exclusión social en Guanacaste

El crecimiento del turismo residencial acelera los procesos de fragmentación socio-espacial, desplazamiento y exclusión social en Guanacaste.

Relacionado con el aumento de las inversiones extranjeras e internas, se ha convertido en un fenómeno cada vez más relevante en el actual debate internacional sobre “acaparamiento de tierras”, y ha causado problemas en Guanacaste.

Así lo destaca un estudio de campo, realizado por Femke Van Noorloos, profesora de geografía de la Universidad de Utrecht, Holanda, una de las más prestigiosas de Europa.  Sigue leyendo

Strong Costa Rican Economy with Growing Eco-friendly Tourist Industry Attracts Baby Boomers to Invest in Costa Rica Properties

According to the leading real estate agency CRREC, Costa Rica has become a hot-bed of activity with baby boomers migrating to this tiny Latin American nation in pursuit of an affordable cost of living that includes world-class healthcare and many other attractive benefits.

costa rica retirement

Tamarindo, Costa Rica (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

«Nearly 10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age in the United State every day for the next 19 years. The stampede of retirees looking for a warmer and cheaper place to live will target the friendliest and most stable democratic tropical countries,» says Jerad Portner, Sales Manager at CRREC.

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