Greentique Hotels Proudly Announces the 23rd Annual International Music Festival of Costa Rica

Si Como No Resort, Spa & Nature Reserve is the flagship of the recognized Greentique Hotels brand of sustainable hospitality. They , along with Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel, are excited to announce the 23rd Annual International Music Festival that will feature some of the biggest names in classical entertainment.

Greentique Hotels of Costa Rica

The 23rd International Music Festival of Costa Rica is hosted by Greentique Hotels (GTQH). Jim Damalas, GTQH General Manager said, «It is an honor to welcome this astounding group of classical musicians to Costa Rica.»

«It is so impressive to see these talented musicians make such an effort to bring their music to small places like Costa Rica after gracing the stages of venues like the Harris Theater in Chicago and Lincoln Center in New York City,» the Greentique hotelier added.

Classical music by Kremerata Baltica will be presented at both Si Como No Resort Spa and Wildlife Refuge in Manuel Antonio and Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel in San Ramon, Alajuela.

All who attend will receive a Tree Adoption Certificate to help offset the carbon footprint of the concerts. This is one of many things done by Si Como No and the other Greentique Hotels in their efforts to invigorate the sustainable tourist industry in Costa Rica.

Mr. Damalas has been a committed environmentalist since the late 80’s. Through his efforts, he has brought an impressive group of hotels under the green umbrella of forward thinking organizations committed to and actively pursuing alternatives to bring organic and other green products and procedures into the Costa Rican hospitality sector.

Responsible and sustainable hospitality along with Eco-tourism is a dream Jim is not only living himself but also doing his part to help Costa Rica become a world leader in Eco-friendly tourism.

Greentique Hotels are dedicated to sustaining a high level of excellence in their on-going projects. This includes the actions of building organic green houses, producing Bocacchi (organic compost), and the use of laundry and cleaning products that contain no chlorine or other harmful chemicals.

These Eco-friendly hotels also devote their time to help develop and increase community environmental awareness through workshops delivered to elementary schools with the goal of developing “green” habits that can be easily adopted by all members of the community.

Some of the simplest changes can have a substantial positive impact on the environment. The leadership of a committed group of green entrepreneurs combined with the continued improvement of a community’s green habits and an ongoing commitment to education, will result in a bounty for all members of the society.

Greentique Hotels are already having an impact on local communities by choosing local vendors for their produce, meat, and other supplies wherever possible. This example of the value of a green business model is not lost on local businesses and farmers, as these green-friendly hotels prosper, more local people are hired to staff these environmentally conscious establishments and at the same time more people become aware of the need for change.

Another spin off of the success of these environmentally based hospitality centers is the growth of local tours. These tours not only offer employment opportunities but also offer local communities the chance to show the world their culture and increasing the pride of these rural oriented people in their lifestyles.

One of the most popular tours is the Santa Juana Village Rural Mountain Adventure that includes a Tree Adoption Program for the care of over 10,000 native trees planted.

The need for both large and small changes to bring about the most positive environmental impact possible covers many areas of change. Things as small as switching to low consumption light bulbs, recycling and using biodegradable products will have an impact. Larger scale projects like the construction of solar panels, gray water systems and the improvement of energy management systems will also do their part. The inclusion of recyclable building materials offers another option for positive environmental impact.

There is still much to be done and the Greentique Hotels group continues to address the challenge through its ongoing involvement with all local communities recognizing the importance of their roles as integral members of these communities. Bringing the world to Costa Rica and continuing to develop a green mindset among the country and countryside offers those who come and experience Costa Rica the opportunity to take back, a very positive message concerning the marriage of the environment and business.


About Greentique Hotels

Established in March 2004, Greentique Hotels would soon become one of the major players on the global sustainability movement. Winner of countless international and national awards & recognitions, Greentique Hotels believes in sustainable «green» travel. For more on Greentique, visit their website at

Currently there are three GTQH members in Costa Rica and they are:

Si Como No – 
Villa Blanca – 
Aguila de Osa –

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