Samana’s 7 Dominican Treasures boost sustainable tourism

Samana, Dominican Republic.- The Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium’s (CDTC) Dominican Treasures (DT) program on Sunday announced it certified 7 projects-initiatives which support Samana’s tourism.

The CDCT awarded wood plaques made by Dominican craftsmen to the projects Taino Park, Parada La Manzana, Zipline Samana, Clave Verde, Chalet Tropical Village, Ecocampo La Sangria and D `Vieja Pan

It said the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) supported the certification process conducted through the CDCT’s Sustainable Tourism Empowerment Program which operates in 10 tourism regions.

The Dominican Treasures certifies any project through a rigorous process that evaluates quality criteria such as compliance with laws and regulations, operation and others.


Chalet Tropical Village, in Las Galeras, is built entirely from natural materials, perfectly integrated with Caribbean nature; Ecocampo La Sangria at Los Tocones in Las Galeras, is an ecotourism project featuring seven log cabins thatched with palm fronds, while he business D ‘Vieja Pan is part of the «samane» culture, first documented in Samana in 1824.

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Date / Fecha: 18/08/13

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