Pompeii Focus of Sustainable Tourism Rescue Before It Crumbles

View of Pompeii overlooked by Mont Vesuvius
Rebuilding Pompei, the most ancient city in Rome entombed by a sea of lava an ashes when the Vesubies erupted over 2,000 years ago. That is the surgical mission that are facing up two German institutions, the Fraunhofee Institute and Munich Technical University (TUM), as assigned with an Europe-wide project to protect the archaeological site from further degradation. 

Both actors are aiming at defining new strategies to protect the site in the long term, which is now crumbling due to weather erosion and the impact of 2.5 million visitors visiting the remains every year.

Ten authorities

The bail out plan is set to top up an ongoing emergency plan being implemented in the area, framed within the wider initiative Great Pompeii Project, funded by the Italian government and the EU.

The first tasks are set to begin in summer 2014, involving 500 young students, a hundred archaeologists and restoration experts, structural and construction engineers and seismologists.

All in all, this will be a Pan-European project backed by up to then authorities. The first estimates state that it will stretch over ten years, for which a 10-million bidget has been earmarked.

One step at a time

At an initial stage, works will approach the sewage system, and then basic structures are to be undertaken. Is is expected that the project will also adress damage done on the colourfull wall paintings. To restore them, only traditional construction materials are to be used, like mud. Heavy machinery and concrete will be avoided to prevent further damage.

However, cutting-edge technologies and the most advanced techniques are set to be used in Pompeii. The mud is to be treated with nanotechnology to liquefy it and use it to cover cracks and fill up frescoes. Also, experts will employ silicone rubber to protect the outer layers on wall paintings.

The ancient Roman city is to be monitored 24 hours a day with aerial and ground level photography, as a task force made up of experts is to work on the surrounding area to try and restore the old gardens.

Source / Fuente: 02b.com

Author / Autor: 02b.com

Date / Fecha: 03/09/13

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