DuPont Recognized by Carbon Disclosure Project for Climate Change Leadership and Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index

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Continuing to be recognized by both CDP and DJSI for our achievements on sustainable growth shows our stakeholders we are walking the talk when it comes to integrating sustainability into our business.


DuPont has been named to the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) S&P 500 Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) and Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) with a score of 96 for its disclosure of information related to climate change risks and opportunities and an “A” for its emission reduction performance.    DuPont was also recently named to the North America Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and the CDP Global 500 Carbon Performance Leadership Index.      Sigue leyendo

Confortel Hoteles firma un convenio para certificar la sostenibilidad medioambiental de los 18 hoteles de la cadena

Todos los establecimientos de la cadena Confortel Hoteles serán totalmente sostenibles de aquí a 2014, producto de un acuerdo de colaboración con el Council of Sustainable Buildings and Energy, a fin de convertir a Confortel en la primera compañía del mundo con todas sus instalaciones certificadas en sostenibilidad medioambiental.

El acuerdo fue suscrito por el director general de Confortel Hoteles, José Ángel Preciados, y por el presidente del International Council of Sustainable Buildings and Energy, Antonio Montaño.

El proceso de certificación en sostenibilidad medioambiental de los 18 hoteles de la cadena se extenderá hasta la primavera de 2014 y contará con la supervisión de técnicos del Council of Sustainable Buildings and Energy. Sigue leyendo

FIFA To Offset the 2014 World Cup Carbon Footprint

worldcupThe FIFA World Cup is the world’s largest single-event sporting competition, so it only makes sense that FIFA wants to project what the carbon footprint of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be. That carbon footprint will be significant, with just over 2.7 million tons of carbon projected to be emitted altogether by both the 2014 World Cup and the 2013 Confederations Cup. Transportation is expected to account for 80.1 percent of the carbon footprint, according to a report released in May. Jerome Valcke, FIFA Secretary General, stated in a recent blog post that FIFA and the World Cup local organizing committee (LOC) will offset carbon emissions through offsetting projects and by encouraging stakeholders to “lower their carbon footprint.” Sigue leyendo