Airport industry carbon standard takes on another continent

Pictured at the certification ceremony of Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport are Mr. Ali Tounsi (Secretary General, ACI AFRICA) presenting the “Mapping” certificate to Ms. Eda Bildiricioglu (Operations Services Manager, TAV).

The independent, institutionally endorsed programme, Airport Carbon Accreditation has already won praise from ICAO, UNEP and the EU’s Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard and Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas. It has also just achieved a place in the Top 10 shortlist of the EU’s World You Like Contest – an EU-wide competition for projects which help achieve a low carbon economy. The contest had 269 entrants and the final winners – selected from the Top 10 shortlist – will be announced at the gala evening of the Sustania conference taking place in Copenhagen in November. Sigue leyendo

Gijón se certifica como destino turístico sostenible.


El pasado mes de julio la Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Gijón superó la auditoría realizada por el Instituto de Turismo Responsable que avala el trabajo realizado en la ciudad en materia de sostenibilidad turística según los parámetros exigidos por el estándar Biosphere Destination. Sigue leyendo

Carbon-Neutral Lunch: Costa Rica Looks to Lead on Climate-Friendly

A carbon-neutral lunch in Costa Rica. (Photo: Sam Eaton)

Costa Rica has become a laboratory for reducing the climate impact of agriculture since the country announced four years ago that it would become the world’s first carbon-neutral country by 2021. Scientists, small-scale farmers and industrial plantations are all taking part in the effort. Sam Eaton reports in the latest installment in our «What’s for Lunch» series on food and climate change.

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La nueva tendencia de los viajeros

Se expande en nuestro país y en todo el mundo. Busca crear conciencia sobre el lado negativo que puede tener el turismo en el impacto ambiental.

Foto ilustrativa.

El turismo sostenible surgió hace más de tres décadas, sin embargo, en los últimos años las nuevas tendencias ecologistas y los turistas interesados en preservar el medio ambiente se encargaron de impulsar este movimiento. Aunque reciba muchos nombres, turismo responsable, ecoturismo, turismo sostenible o slow, el objetivo que los une es el mismo: el respeto máximo por la ecología. Sigue leyendo

Quest for Carbon Neutral Beer

Göss Brewery is one step closer to producing carbon neutral beer with the start-up of its new solar plant. The solar farm occupies nearly 1,500 m² and will generate a portion of the heat required for the brewing process. The brewery, owned by Brau Union Österreich and a member of the HEINEKEN Group, has embarked on a “Green Brewery” project to develop the leading CO2-netural brewery in Europe. This is the project’s most recent milestone.

Brau Union logoMichael Paula, responsible for the Energy and Environmental Technology department and representing Innovation Minister Doris Bures, drew the first climate-neutral beer. “The aim of our research support is to strengthen Austria as a business location. We are supporting Austrian companies to enable them to play a leading role in the fast-growing energy-technology sector in the future and are thereby securing and creating jobs,” said Paula. Sigue leyendo

Nicaragua y Holanda acuerdan promover el turismo sostenible

Ese acuerdo quedó establecido en un memorando de entendimiento suscrito este lunes por la presidenta ejecutiva del Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo, Mayra Salinas, y la encargada de negocios de los Países Bajos en Managua, Reina Buijs.

Nicaragua recibió el año pasado 1,18 millones de turistas, que dejaron al país divisas por US$421,5 millones. Sigue leyendo

Making tourism sustainable: ‘What’s good for the area is good for everybody’

It’s great when somewhere beautiful draws visitors, whether it’s the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher or the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. But for it to be sustainable, the tourism has to be balanced by conservation

‘You can’t eat the scenery,” people used to say. A beautiful landscape, in other words, couldn’t generate an income. We’ve come a long way since then, particularly in parts of the country such as the Burren, where the landscape, particularly the Cliffs of Moher, draws hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. But tourism has to be managed, both to preserve the sight they’re coming to see and to interest them in the area’s broader heritage. Sigue leyendo


Chile con la mayor planta solar de Latinoamérica en Desierto Atacama

El Grupo CAP y SunEdison firmaron un acuerdo para construir una nueva planta de energía solar en el norte de Chile, esta vez en el Desierto de Atacama, el que se transformará en el proyecto de mayor envergadura a nivel latinoamericano e incluso entre los primeros a nivel mundial entre las plantas solares y cantidad de paneles solares a utilizarse. Sigue leyendo

Landfill gas helps Palo Alto go carbon neutral

Landfill gas helps Palo Alto go carbon neutral In this April 8, 2013, file photo, an employee of energy company Eon Hanse walks across the premises of the natural gas storage facility in Hamburg-Reitbrook, Germany. Clean Energy refers to energy that pollutes less than coal and oil, the dominant sources of fuel for electricity and transportation. Natural gas is considered by some, including the Obama administration, to be clean because it emits far fewer pollutants than coal or oil. Others consider only renewable energy truly clean

It’s not all about solar for Palo Alto, Calif.

Sure, the Silicon Valley city offers generous installation rebates, has a feed-in tariff programand has contracted for some of the cheapest utility-scale solar known to man, at 6.9 cents per kilowatt-hour. But Palo Alto is also big on landfill gas-to-energy, and a new project 90 miles down U.S. Highway 101 in Gonzales, Calif., is expected to provide the city around 10.4 gigawatt-hours of electricity every year. Sigue leyendo

Parque Nacional Chirripó tras la categoría de carbono neutral

Imponentes paisajes hacen que la visitación y senderos muy accesibles hacen que todo el año haya visitación de nacionales y extranjeros.

El administrador del Parque Nacional Chirripó, Bernal Valderramos, informó que a partir de este martes y durante todo el mes de octubre ese parque cerrará sus puertas. Decenas de voluntarios, en cuenta los arrieros que trabajan ahí, se dedicarán a recibir charlas, remozar los senderos y alistar la infraestructura para optar por la categoría de carbono neutral. Sigue leyendo

Japanese developer has grand plans for Yaroomba


JAPANESE property developer Sekisui House is eyeing a major redevelopment of beachfront land at Yaroomba which it hopes will eventually draw an additional $120 million annually into the region’s economy.

Project manager Evan Aldridge said the 20-hectare remaining land parcel opposite Palmer Coolum Resort already carried approval for high-end residential development. Sigue leyendo