Winter X Games Shrink Carbon Footprint

X-Games-2014-Logo1The Winter X Games in Aspen produces a big carbon footprint, the Aspen Times reports, but Aspen Skiing Company (Skico), which produces the games that ended Sunday, is taking measures to make the annual event more sustainable.

Skico vice president of sustainability Auden Schendler tells the newspaper that the company doesn’t have specific data on the X Games’ carbon footprint but says it is “a big impact.”

Snowmaking is the biggest greenhouse gas emitter. Schendler estimates this accounts for 5 percent of Skico’s overall annual GHG emissions. But by replacing older snowmaking guns with more efficient models, Skico is shrinking the event’s carbon footprint, the paper reports. Sigue leyendo

Centroamérica apuesta por turismo sostenible y ligado a comunidades locales

Madrid – Centroamérica presentó hoy en la Feria Internacional de Turismo (Fitur) de Madrid su oferta turística, con una apuesta por la sostenibilidad de su patrimonio natural y cultural y el compromiso de las comunidades locales en el desarrollo de este sector.
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá, con su presencia en la feria, apuestan por España como puerta de entrada a Europa. Sigue leyendo

Coal-To-Natural-Gas Switch For Power Generation Is Paying Off In Smaller Carbon Footprint

Natural Gas

Natural gas-fired power plants that use new technology emit almost half the amount of greenhouse gasses coal-fired power plants do, according to a new study released by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The study, “Reduced Emissions of CO2, NOx and SO2 from U.S. Power Plants Due to the Switch from Coal to Natural Gas with Combined Cycle Technology,” found that 40 percent less carbon dioxide is released by what is called a combined-cycle natural gas power plant. Sigue leyendo