Hilton group boosts its carbon-offset scheme

Hilton-Muangcharoen Biomass Project Daytime.

Hilton-Muangcharoen Biomass Project Daytime.

Hotel giant launches three renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia

Hilton Worldwide is expanding its carbon offset programme in Southeast Asia with three renewable energy projects including the Mungcharoen biomass project in Thailand.

The other two are the Musi hydropower project in Indonesia and the Song Ong small hydropower project in Vietnam. Sigue leyendo

Industria cafetera de Colombia medirá su huella de carbono

 Industria cafetera de Colombia medirá su huella de carbono. Café colombiano.

Café colombiano.

2013 fue un buen año para el café colombiano: la producción aumentó en un 41 por ciento y la exportación en un 35 por ciento.


Posicionado como el tercer productor de café a nivel mundial y con miras de fortificar su mercado en Estados Unidos y Europa además de expandirse hacia el golfo Pérsico, Colombia, que también es el primer productor mundial de café arábigo lavado, busca seguir fortaleciéndose en materia de sostenibilidad y responsabilidad social. Sigue leyendo

Jonathon Porritt: Carbon offsetting can help achieve development goals

As part of a series on integrated carbon offsetting models the founder director of Forum for the Future discusses how NGOs are opening up to offsetting

Jonathon Porritt

I very much welcome this model, although it isn’t entirely new of course. When talk of offsetting first kicked off, organisations such as WWF always used to talk about «offsetting done well», by which they meant a social element being built into the approach. There has always been a sense that purely getting the tonnes of CO2 sorted was never good enough. Sigue leyendo