Reducing Event Waste

Reduce Event WasteFrom the lights, sound systems, and kitchen equipment, events can easily zap a lot of energy and create a lot of waste. Conscious effort to reduce your event’s carbon footprint can make a big difference in helping the environment. Events don’t have to be waste-creating machines. Here are a few ways to make your event successful and sustainable.

Go Digital. To avoid the waste that comes from discarded maps, programs, and hand outs, go digital. Provide your guests with a soft copy before they arrive, or take advantage of technology to give them the same information on their tablet or smart phone. Guests will enjoy have all the information they need at their fingertips and you won’t be left with piles of printed material waste.

Recycle. When possible, put your waste in the recycling bin instead of the trashcan. Place recycling tubs around the venue to encourage guests to place their paper, plastic, or glass in the right receptacle. You can recycle printed materials, bottles, cardboard, and much more. Some recycling companies will even provide the correct bins and deliver them to the venue. Check with companies in your area for options.

Compost. You will inevitably end up with leftover food and ingredients at your event. Speak with your caterer beforehand about your desire to compost the leftovers. Simply separate any biodegradable food items, such as vegetables, egg shells, or natural products, and take them to the local compost dump.

Donate. Gently used items can be given to charity instead of being thrown away. If you have leftover food that can’t be composted, give it to a food bank or homeless shelter. Extra door prizes can be donated to charity, and centrepieces can be broken down and given to people in need. Be creative with your leftover materials to find the right match to meet local needs.

You don’t have to skimp on event materials and fun to create a green event that limits waste. Reduce, reuse, and recycle in creative ways to keep your event footprint as small as possible.

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