TripZero: startup offers carbon offsets free

New way to travel green?

Here is a new way to carbon neutrality in tourism. TripZero is tackling one of the most difficult problems in sustainable tourism – how do you get to manage the travel emissions.

However green your destination – you have to get there, and there appears to be an inbuilt indifference to tourists buying offsets.
TripZero offsets the carbon emissions generated when people travel by plane, train, car or bus – at no cost to the traveler.

How? Simple. Book your hotel with TripZero and they’ll pay your travel emissions bill.

How it works…

Through a partnership with Expedia, TripZero has built an online travel agency with access to millions of hotel rooms at guaranteed low prices.

Hotels pay commission to TripZero who in turn use the commissions to buy verified offsets. Usually socially-beneficial low energy operations in developing countries – pioneered energy efficient cooking stoves in Africa for instance or reforesting Brazil. But, of course, the key is the quality of the offsets bought and the nature of the projects. There is a wide range of standards.

You may say why not use airline commission to buy the offsets? Thought boss Eric Zimmerman – not big enough, however hotel commissions can be massive – has proved that.

This may be the next travel web startup AND it has the possibility of providing a worthwhile green service – it will all be in the fine print.

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Date / Fecha: 26/04/14

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