Costa Rica is Top 5 for Eco Tourism and Sustainable Volunteering

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Costa Rica is one of the top five ideal places for worldwide destinations with ‘tourism awareness’ for the Earth according to the American newspaper The Huffington Post.

In the report, released this past weekend, he indicates that these trips seek to channel actions to help protect and improve nature.

“Its natural wonders, as amazing as they are, must be a living reminder of why we need to protect it. That’s why we believe that everyone should spend at least one of their annual vacations to appreciate the extraordinary blessings of nature and care for it at the same time,” reads part of article written by Carla Smithing.

The article says about Costa Rica: “When it comes to the innocent and majestic sea turtles what more could you want? The Sea Turtle Conservancy offers voluntary eco-adventures of one to three weeks. It is a sustainable volunteer program headquartered at Tortuguero, and focuses its efforts on green turtles. Volunteers will learn about animals and participate in research efforts by finding and tagging sea turtles. This will trace its life cycle and migration patterns. If you join this trip, make sure that you are physically prepared. Every night volunteers are required to cover five to 55 miles of beach, exploring the area to mark and count turtle nests.”

The cost of the trip with lodging included is between $1,439 and $2,549.

The other destinations on the list are Maui, Molokai and Lanai, Hawaii, for scientific expeditions with Earthwatch to anywhere in the world, serving orphaned children in Kenya and East Africa safari (including Nairobi and Kenya) to, among other things, feed animals in danger of extinction.

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Date / Fecha: 21/05/14

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