Why are Obama and Harper so out of sync on carbon emissions?

In the U.S., President Barack Obama has declared a war on coal that’s taking direct aim at his country’s largest polluters. He might not win, but he’s using his mandate to throw his weight behind the environment. In Canada, meanwhile, Prime Minister Harper is using his to muzzle weather forecasters at the Meteorological Service of Canada from even mentioning climate change. The two major trading partners have their differences, but seldom have they been so out of sync.

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Se trata del proyecto STREAM  destinado a revitalizar el turismo en Pangandarán (Indonesia) después de la devastación causada por el tsunami de 2006. Una solución local para luchar contra el cambio climático de una manera global, un modelo de cómo el sector turístico puede batallar sin perder un ápice de atractivo. Todo ello es fruto de la colaboración entre la OMT y el Ministerio de Turismo e Industrias Creativas de Indonesia.

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New carbon rules are essential


The Obama administration’s new effort to reduce carbon emissions is an important, sensible and necessary step in reducing threat of global warming. It should serve as an example to other polluting nations around the world.

The new policy announced by the Environmental Protection Agency a week ago would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. Ultimately, the reduction in carbon emissions would be the equivalent of removing two-thirds of the nation’s cars from the roads. Sigue leyendo