Is the natural gas revolution good or bad for energy efficiency?

Is the natural gas revolution good or bad for energy efficiency?

If there were an equivalent in the energy industry to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, natural gas would be this year’s winner.

The dramatic rise in natural gas supply, and fall in price, has reconfigured the energy scene in the United States. It’s suddenly created a bounty of domestic energy which has driven down wholesale power prices and accelerated retirement of polluting coal-fired plants. Sigue leyendo

How green banks can transform our energy system

How green banks can transform our energy system

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Clean energy finance banks or “Green Banks” are shaping up to be the latest in clean energy finance technology, as convincingly set out in a report issued last week by the Brookings-Rockefeller Project on State and Metropolitan Innovation.

The Green Bank opportunity has emerged just as the U.S. clean energy industry is poised at an important crossroads – the industry is Sigue leyendo