Best Buy: Sustainability amidst turmoil

Best Buy: Sustainability amidst turmoil

Best Buy has made headlines this year, and not the kind that any company wants:

Best Buy Cutting 50 Stores to Get Profitable. Good luck with that. (Forbes)

Best Buy CEO Resigns Under Cloud (Minneapolis StarTribune)

Best Buy Suffers For Lack of a Plan (New York Times)

Best Buy in Turmoil: Will It Survive? (Forbes, again) Sigue leyendo

Can companies grow, and profit, with no impact?

Can companies grow, and profit, with no impact?
 One of the Big 4 accounting firms has been noodling the idea that we can create an economic model «that allows 9-10 billion people to live in harmony with nature and in well-being.» One might reasonably conclude that they’ve been sniffing a little too much red ink.

That’s not the case. Indeed, the folks at Deloitte couldn’t be more sober, or more serious. They’re envisioning a world in which «a new bottom line would arise, not allowing economic success on the back of nature and society.» Sigue leyendo

Toyota retains top spot as ‘greenest global brand’

Toyota retains top spot as 'greenest global brand'

Toyota has retained its top position in a new report identifying global brands that have had the most success in marketing their sustainability efforts and establishing a green reputation.

Marketing consultancy Interbrand today launched its second annual study assessing the green credentials of the top 100 companies in its annual Best Global Brands report. The ranking is based on analysis by consultancy giant Deloitte of companies’ actual sustainability efforts that is then compared with how they are perceived by consumers, based on a global survey of 10,000 people.

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