Why companies’ top struggles lie in sustainable supply chains

Why companies' top struggles lie in sustainable supply chains

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Despite a number of recent government-led and industry-specific initiatives to simplify the process, companies are still struggling to get a grip on their supply chains, according to a recent report by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a non-profit that promotes sustainability in business. The report, called the BSR/Globescan State of Sustainable Business Poll 2012, found that the top sustainability challenge for companies was achieving solutions throughout the supply chain. Sigue leyendo

Beer industry raises a glass towards cutting water consumption

Beer industry raises a glass towards cutting water consumption

Next time you down a beer, think about this: it took a lot of water to create that brew sitting in front of you.

According to a 2010 study by the SABMillerbrewing company,  the World Wildlife Federationand the German international development agency GIZ, up to 60 to 180 liters of water can be used to produce one liter of beer. Those figures cover the entire process — from crop cultivation through the brewing process to packaging and, finally, to your thirsty self. The amount of water consumed depends on how it’s used along the supply chain. Sigue leyendo