How to tell your sustainability story

How to tell your sustainability story

In his article, “Why aren’t there more Ray Andersons?” Joel Makower distills the success of the legendary sustainability pioneer into six key characteristics. Together, these talents typify the CEO whose story helped elevate environmental leadership from niche to core value across corporate America. Whether intentional or just “Ray being Ray,” Anderson transformed his company Interface into a paragon of sustainability by wielding a singular skill set that included: 1) entrepreneurial vision, 2) a passion for learning, 3) missionary zeal, 4) conviction, 5) willingness to rethink everything, and 6) relentless storytelling. Sigue leyendo

How Coca-Cola, McDonald’s worked with nonprofits to get greener

How Coca-Cola, McDonald's worked with nonprofits to get greener

Businesses and nonprofits used to have a one-way relationship: Nonprofit asks for donation; business says yes or no.

That relationship has evolved dramatically as the two sides found ways to develop mutually beneficial relationships, and — more recently — collaborative partnerships. Sigue leyendo