5 of the Best New Sustainable Restaurants in the U.S.

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Autor: Gloria Dawson

Fecha: 25/02/2011

These restaurants are serving local and organic foods with style. Which deserves a 2011 Heart of Green Award?

Best Sustainable Restaurants: Reviews

For these restaurants, sustainability was baked in from the beginning. Using the best local and organic ingredients to enrich their dinners, their environmental choices were an integral part of the design and concept.

In this feature, you’ll find our top picks for the best new sustainable restaurants across the U.S., chosen as nominees for the 2011 Heart of Green Awards. Until Sunday, March 27, you can vote on your favorite at thedailygreen.com/heart-of-green-awards.

ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen (New York, N.Y)

Prolific restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen boasts local, seasonal dishes, but the sustainability doesn’t stop there. Those dishes are served on unique artisanal ceramic, by waitstaff wearing biodegradable sneakers, and set on compostable place mats. Does Jean-Georges manage to combine refined with recycled? Raving reviewers say, «Yes!»

Copperleaf Restaurant

Copperleaf Restaurant (Seattle, Wash.)

The eco-friendly Cedarbrook Lodge is located minutes from the Sea-Tac Airport, but the intimate farm-to-table Cooperleaf Restaurant nestled inside manages to feel miles away from the hassle of traveling. Dishes like creamy chestnut soup with black truffles and Dungeness crab gnocchi will make you feel like you’re on vacation, even if you’re just stopping in for dinner.

Haven Restaurant

Haven (Houston, Texas)

Southern favorites meet sustainability and sophistication at Haven. Outside the restaurant, owner and chef Randy Evans and his staff compost kitchen scraps and tend to a garden; inside, the restaurant serves its farm-to-table dishes in an eco-friendly setting with green touches like energy efficient lighting and recycled glass and paper products.

Ninety Acres

Ninety Acres (Peapack-Gladstone, N.J.)

This restaurant proudly states, «Farm to table is one thing. Ninety Acres is a table at the farm.» Dinning on the farm—how much more local can your food get? The farm, restaurant and agricultural endeavors that make up Ninety Acres Culinary Center were developed in part by Richard Branson, giving this delicious project some star power.


Spoon (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Local farms take center stage at Spoon, where the menu declares, «We are proud to support western Pennsylvania’s farmers and artisanal purveyors.» Those farms, and the seasons, affect the ever-changing dishes that the restaurant calls «refined comfort food.»

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