DAPstockholm’s Energy-Efficient Villa Midgard is Nestled Into the Swedish Countryside

Swedish firm DAPstockholm designed Villa Midgard – a modern single-family residence inspired by the natural materiality of its site outside of Stockholm.The clients wanted the home to be secluded and immersed in its natural surroundings so that they could enjoy the sound of rain playing off the roof or the morning sun hitting their beds. This prompt allowed the architects to explore the nature of the sloping site and the materials that formed it. As a result, the building has seven different facades which respond to the three dramatic factors of the site: the lighting, the terrain, and the views.

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Villa Midgard sits nestled into a site cut out of the rocky terrain of a hillside. As visitors approach the site, they are met by a green-roofed garage that appears to grow from the rock of the earth.

A limestone walkway leads to the first façade of the home, which is marked by a Corten Steel volume hanging high above the first floor, which is clad in wood screening. The north side of the home features a dark concrete pool cut into the rock as if it were naturally formed. A solar hot water heating system mounted on the roof high above the pool helps offset heating costs. A stairway leads to the subterranean floor, which is covered by a slate exterior. All of these durable materials combine to create a low-maintenance home away from the city that offers a relaxing escape at a moment’s notice.

Inside Villa Midgard the modern aesthetic is continued throughout the clean and sharp lines of the walls, cabinets, and stairs. Rich, dark woods bring warmth to an interior that seems austere at first blush. The playful colors of the tiles in the bathroom give the home character and a sense of self-expression. All-in-all, the home’s interior design responds well to natural daylighting and the sustainability of the materials.


Source / Fuente: inhabitat.com

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Date / Fecha: 04/12/12

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