A way forward for sustainable tourism in the wider Caribbean

old_Cathedral_of_ManaguaSustainable tourism requires regional collaboration, according to a joint communiqué issued by agencies involved.

That is the outcome of the initial meeting of regional bodies, which was held in Managua, Nicaragua.

Agencies met to share their respective work programmes and outlined their priority focal areas, main activities, and current and pipeline projects highlighting specific requests for collaboration as it relates to funding/technical assistance, with the objective of continuing to advance issues of mutual interest. 

The meeting reaffirmed that tourism can make a significant contribution to the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – particularly as it seeks to generate stable employment, income-earning opportunities, social inclusion and contribute to poverty alleviation.

Views were exchanged on the challenges facing the wider Caribbean region including declining international flows, reduced economic activity and the impact these have on all spheres of tourism activity in the countries of this region.

A core set of issues was established for development. This comprised policy implementation, developing sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation, tourism safety and security, marketing, transport and conservation of the environment.

Attendees agreed to establish a regional network or working group on sustainable tourism in the wider Caribbean, which is intended to strengthen partnerships and ensure the sustainability of the collective approach.

Among the issues included were:

Improving existing mechanisms for communication in general and the coordination of specific projects, activities and events to contribute to more efficient use of resources and reduce the incidents of duplication of efforts;

Participating in each other’s respective future meetings and activities to continue the dialogue among the partners and align complementary work programmes and where possible jointly convene meetings or develop projects for joint implementation;

Sharing and exchanging knowledge products such standards and best practices, research publications and studies;

Addressing mutual issues and concerns on regional and international forums;

Exploring the possibility of a Regional multi-stakeholder initiative as presented by the Nicaragua Tourism Institute comprising of a Pilot Project focussing on Implementation of the Regional Sustainable Tourism Indicators of the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Caribbean and World Bank Competitiveness Indicators in Ethnic and Indigenous Communities of the greater Caribbean linked to attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Developing a multi-stakeholder project focussing on “voluntourism”.

Hosting of a Sustainable Destinations Donors Forum, proposed as a joint high-level conference to facilitate an interactive exchange between the Regional Tourism Agencies and their NGO partners with the international donor community, Regional and International Foundations and individual corporations. The CARIBSAVE Partnership offered to lead this initiative.

Source / Fuente: compasscayman.com

Author / Autor: compasscayman.com

 Date / Fecha: 05/03/13

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