Reduce Energy Consumption with Sustainable Tourism

sustainable tourismTourism is a vital source of income for many developing countries, but can also result in degradation of the environment if not done in a sustainable way. Fortunately, there are ways to green your travels by choosing sustainable tourism options and protect the unique location you’re visiting!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I recently traveled to Costa Rica with the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance provides a seal of approval to verify hotels that use sustainable practices. Below are a few ways hotels conserve energy which are good to keep in mind no matter where you travel!

Source locally: Hotels that are committed to sourcing locally buy from local merchants and grow their own gardens when possible. This not only supports the local populations, but also cuts down on transportation costs and emissions which can be very significant in remote areas.

Reduce electricity consumption: Many hotels use energy-efficient lighting and train their staff to turn off lighting when it is not in use. In some locations, ceiling fans are provided instead of air conditioners and extra blankets are available as an alternative to heating.

sustainable tourismReduce water use: From only washing towels that have been left on the floor to installing toilets with reduced water flow, many methods of water reduction have been implemented by hotels. Following these standards reduces the amount of energy used, while lowering hotel costs.

Compost: Hotels that compost their own kitchen and grounds waste reduce the environmental cost of hauling in fertilizers. This is because composting creates rich soil by reusing yard waste and table scraps, providing an environmental and cost efficient solution!

Reduce gas usage: Hotels can also conserve energy by providing alternatives to the activities they offer. For example, instead of renting a motor boat, rent a canoe! Also, if you plan on riding a four wheeler, go horseback riding instead!

As you can see, sustainable tourism does not have to involve a tradeoff for fun or luxury!  What sustainable tourism trips have you taken?

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Author / Autor:  Scarlet Paolicchi

 Date / Fecha: 15/04/13

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